How To Get the Most Out of Jewelry Displays

When clients walk into a jewelry store, it should be a feast for their eyes.  Effective visual merchandising draws people in and leads them around the store. For jewelry, the shopping experience is based on what the customers see, so it is important to dazzle them visually from the moment they walk in the door.

A lot of stores simply place pieces in a row of glass display cases. Although display cases are essential to keep inventory safe, they should not be the only place for customers to look. Here are some ways to keep visual displays interesting and take the shopping experience up a notch.

Rotate Often

The brain is naturally drawn to items that are new and different. This is why moving furniture in a room sometimes makes it feel new again. If the same jewelry is in the same spot as the last time a client visited the store, then they probably won’t take a second look at it. By simply rotating the pieces in display cases NJ, customers will pause to check them out. Instead, group collections in new ways or rotate stock in and out. This way, shoppers will have something new to look at each time they come in.

Encourage Browsing

Use popular items to encourage browsing. If certain earrings are popular, then place them with a less popular item that is especially dazzling. Or, spread out earrings throughout the store so that shoppers need to walk around to see the full collection. Make the most out of every space by placing items on top of cases or hanging them on the wall. Each display should feel like a different destination that clients want to visit. The more time they spend in the store, the more likely they are to purchase something.

Display Creatively

While cases are ideal for lighting up sparkly expensive pieces, they are not the only option. In order to set a mood, form creative displays that use unique materials. Place a collection of large seashells on top of the case of pearl jewelry. Then hang some earrings or drape a bracelet over top of the shells. Use old black and white photo’s in ornate frames to display antique necklaces. Rings can be displayed around the necks of colored glass bottles. Incorporate natural materials, like driftwood or animal horns, to contrast extravagant platinum or diamond jewelry. The key is having enough visual interest around the products to draw people’s attention.