6 Awesome Beach Accessory Buys

When preparing for a trip to the beach, especially with kids in tow, it can be hard to know which products will work well and which will waste your money and leave you unsatisfied. Here are a few beach accessories that are sure to enhance your beach experience:

 1. Beach Carts

Beach carts with wheels for carts transport all of your beach supplies on sand-friendly wheels. You can hook on chairs and load up the bins with beach bags and all of the toys you’ll need to build the biggest sandcastle around. 

2. Sand Proof Towels or Blankets

There are a number of beach towels and blankets on the market that easily shake free sand. This means less clean-up after your leisure time spent on the beach. It also creates mess-free transport and allows you to avoid vacuuming sand out of your vehicle’s trunk for months to come.

3. Backpack Beach Chairs

Free up your hands this summer by purchasing beach chairs that you can carry on your back just like a backpack. Certain versions of these chairs include armrests with cupholders and cell phone holders. Many backpack chairs also have small coolers and pouches on the backs of the chairs.

4. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

There are multiple waterproof Bluetooth speakers on the market today. Some are as large as a backpack and others are tiny and will fit easily into your beach bag. Whatever your budget or sound requirements, you can easily find a beach-friendly speaker that works for you.

5. Folding Beach Tables

Collapsible beach tables enable beachgoers to dine with ease without ever having to leave the beach. Eating from a table will give you the closest thing there is to a sand-free meal while enjoying an ocean view. A beach table also means convenient drink placement and the ability to easily play a game of cards.

6. Beach Games for the Family

Beach games can get the whole family involved. Can jam, ring tosses and football are classic examples. Nowadays there are even more games available to get everyone moving and laughing beachside. These include ladder toss, cornhole and spike ball. 

The old days of carrying heavy beach accessories for what feels like miles from the edge of the beach to the ocean are over. Today’s conveniences allow beachgoers the ease of arriving at the water’s edge feeling energized and ready to enjoy a day filled with sand and sun.