Where Did Sunday Scaries Come From?

We can’t blame you if you feel overwhelmed on Sunday afternoons. Heck, even Beyonce may be feeling the same way. But it’s possible that a change in our attitude towards productivity will benefit the whole Western world. Let’s explore some possible causes for this phenomenon. Here are a few:

Super Parent’s Sunday Scaries

As a super parent, you’ve probably experienced the “Sunday Scaries” before. You spend the weekend at sports games and picking up Pop-Tarts from the wall. However, you know that your child’s fear of being rejected is real. In fact, children are not immune to this anxiety, even though their parents are. So how do you deal with Sunday Scaries? Several strategies exist at Wish.com.

Being a Yogi

Practicing meditation can be effective in reducing Sunday Scaries. It helps you focus on the present and reduces anxiety. A recent study showed that participants who practiced mindfulness meditation regularly for eight weeks saw a 31% reduction in their symptoms. Meditation can also be a helpful tool for those who have trouble concentrating. The Headspace app is an excellent option if you are looking for a guided meditation. Its easy to use interface will help you learn the basics of meditation.


There are many ways to combat Where Did Sunday Scaries Come From? Fortunately, there are many methods too. Identifying your fears and working to reduce them is the first step. Remember that you can’t eliminate them, and new ones will probably arise as you get closer to landing your dream job. Rather, you have to recognize and overcome the fear so that it no longer defines you. Perhaps you’re afraid of performing at your best on a job interview, or maybe you’re afraid of tension between you and another team member.

The Coronavirus

The cause of Sunday scaries is unknown, but a new survey has shed some light on the subject. The results found that millennials and Gen Z are especially troubled on Sundays. One study found that seventy-eight percent of millennials and sixty-three percent of Generation Z report experiencing the disorder on Sundays. One in three people surveyed said that the pandemic has exacerbated or caused their Sunday scaries.

Stress in the workplace

If you find yourself feeling the dreaded Sunday Scaries every week, it’s time to get a grip. Work stress can ruin your weekend, especially if you don’t have the time to decompress after a long week at work. Avoiding Sunday scaries by planning your week ahead can help you get rid of these feelings. Whether it’s preparing lunches or putting dinner plans together, you can make your work week easier by doing these small tasks on Sunday.

Stress in the home

The problem of Sunday Scaries is a micro and a macro issue. Erin Thibeau, a successful mother of two, strategically schedules activities that get her mind off Sunday nights when she usually feels stressed. Opera singer Maggie Lofboom, a successful landscape designer, also takes baths to keep the scaries at bay. But even those simple tips can help.

Alcohol as a symptom of depression

Many people suffer from a mood disorder called depression. The symptoms of depression can include feelings of sadness, anger, or loss. Often, people are unable to function properly and complete everyday tasks. Although depression is a relatively common problem, it is often accompanied by alcohol abuse. A person suffering from depression may drink too much or not drink at all and become depressed because they are unable to stop. This condition can be difficult to deal with and can lead to alcoholism and a lifelong struggle.

Managing Sunday scaries without a mental health professional

Managing Sunday Scaries is a big challenge for young adults, but there are ways to cope with the condition without seeking out the services of a mental health professional. Sunday scaries can affect any day of the week, and the causes are diverse. You just need to recognize the problem. If you are experiencing these symptoms, consider speaking to a mental health professional.