Different Types of Construction Equipment Used in Civil Engineering

Large construction jobs require a variety of skillsets and construction equipment to get the job done. Civil engineers must plan and design projects that involve building highways, bridges, roads and buildings. Each of these jobs involve lifting, digging, moving and grading, which all need heavy construction equipment to accomplish. Here are some of the most common types of equipment used around building sites.


A crane is mainly used for lifting and moving heavy objects. Cranes can move things like concrete blocks and steel pieces that are too heavy for anything else. Maintaining your equipment is important and having crane repairs Louisville done regularly can save you the hassle of a completely useless item on the construction site.


A backhoe is recognizable because of the large scoop attached to the back. It can dig and lift large amounts of dirt with the hoe-like attachment and is extremely useful for a variety of tasks. Besides digging trenches, the backhoe can be used to unload and lift other materials.


With it’s heavy-duty frame, the excavator is the powerhouse of the construction area. It can be used for demolition, cutting trees, river dredging and any other heavy lifting that needs to be done. The giant arm with the digging bucket is the structure that allows the excavator to work.


Mostly used to level the soil surface, a grader is an essential piece of equipment used during the construction of roads. A horizontal blade on the front of the vehicle is the part used to level the earth. They can also be used to remove snow or an unwanted layer of soil.


To lay the asphalt down on a road surface, a paver is used. The asphalt is placed in a bucket by a dump truck and then it is laid down evenly by the paver. Once the paver is done, a roller needs to drive over the new area to make the surface compact and smooth.


When laying down pipes or cables, a trencher is used to remove the dirt from the area where the items need to be laid. A chain trencher has a long arm with a chain attached that digs and a wheeled trencher is built with a metal wheel used to excavate.

With so many different types of construction vehicles, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best for each job. Civil engineers are the ones who get to decide after they finalize the project.