Ways To Add Curb Appeal for an Attractive Home

Your home is a comforting environment for you, but you also want others to see what a great place it is. Having curb appeal is a good way to make a first impression. Here are some tips on improving the outside appearance of your home.

Clean the Gutters

Your gutters do a crucial job in not only protecting your home but also your yard. By directing the flow of water from the roof and away from the foundation, you prevent damage and mold. But when your gutters become clogged and spill over and down the building, it collects in nasty pools that can drown your plants and ruin the looks of your landscape. Take the time to clean your gutters on a regular basis. And replace them when needed by contacting gutter installation Oregon City.

Add Window Boxes

A nice way to dress the outside of your house is to have flower boxes installed beneath your windows. Find attractive window containers and either fill them with real plants or if your thumb isn’t that green, fill them with silk flowers. Just be sure and change out those fake plants from time to time so they don’t become faded.

Create Symmetry

Creating symmetry not only looks pleasant, but it’s also easy to do. If you set a planter by the door, get another one exactly like it and place it on the opposite side. Filling the planters with identical flowering plants also makes an attractive, appealing look. The same goes for light fixtures.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Not only does outdoor lighting make your front yard look great, but they also provide security. Install lights along a walking path to help you and your visitors find their way to the front door. You can also string white lights in trees to make them more attractive. If you don’t have an outside power source, you can use solar lights, although they will break down from time to time and won’t provide as strong of a light.

Keep Flowers in Pots on Your Front Porch

Even if you don’t have the best gardening skills, you can still grow attractive flowers in pots. Invest in good container soil and water your plants about once a day. Begonias are easy to grow and flower all summer long in the hottest weather.

So keep these handy tips in mind the next time you want to make your home more attractive and appealing.