Tips for Finding Something New to Do

You’re happy but maybe you have an hour or two to spare each week. Think about the kinds of activities you already do. Do you spend all day creating or critiquing? Do you want to move less or more? Could you use alone-time to recharge or do you need to chat with more people? Tailor your free time to suit your preferences and needs. Check out some activities in the following areas. 

1. Active Lifestyle

If you want more physical activity in your life, you can start just by taking a longer route from your copier to your desk at work. You’re not locked into one type of exercise. You can vary your workouts and active hours. On the weekends, you might enjoy taking solitary walks on a nature trail. During the week, perhaps you crave interactions with others, so choose to attend fitness classes Burlington ON. See what’s available in your area and find friends to join you. 

2. Art Appreciation

To satisfy your need for art, look to museums and galleries where you live. You might discover something new. Local universities might have gallery shows each semester. Airports and libraries might feature small selections of work by local artists, too. If, however, you’re also interested in opportunities to see art and then create your own, many of these same places likely offer opportunities. Check museum events calendars for do-it-yourself offerings. Craft stores and pottery stores might offer classes you’ll enjoy, too. 

3. Performances

Visit online event calendars and advertisements as starting points whenever you’re having trouble figuring out what to do. If that broadens your options too much, ask your friends what they’re excited about. Orchestra seasons offer a range of music, so if you don’t like classical music a pops series might have just what you want to hear. If you want to see a play or musical, try small theater groups. Your local groups may have smaller budgets but still have tremendously talented performers. 

4. Travel

When you’ve explored all of the activities in your part of town from the mainstream to the obscure, consider taking a trip out of town. Decide how much time you have. Fly across the country to explore impressive hiking trails if you’re able to. Visit family and friends. Even if you only have a weekend, you can still discover something new in a city nearby. 

Grab opportunities that excite you. Try one thing and then try something else.