The Things You Won’t Want to Forget for Your Large-Scale Event

Event planning requires a critical eye for detail. While there are many obvious components when it comes to large-scale event planning, there are also some less obvious pieces. If you want to ensure that your event is a success, don’t forget these key factors.


When you are hosting large groups, you need to expand your normal event plan significantly. This expansion also pertains to amenities like restrooms. If you want to ensure that there are sufficient spaces for your guests to relieve themselves, you will need restroom trailers for events.


For any large-scale event, especially for those outdoors or during warmer months, hydration is a critical component. While alcohol may be enticing for your patrons, make sure that you also have easy access to hydration to ensure everyone can stay safe and healthy throughout the entire event.

Emergency Medical Services

While you can set up safety protocols, develop crisis plans and promote healthy behaviors, emergencies can still happen. Having emergency medical teams on-site can ensure that there is a prompt and urgent response should anything happen.


Security is another service that you hope to not need; however, having a team on-site who can respond to disorderly guests, conflicts or emergencies that arise throughout the event can prove beneficial. Not only will the team be readily available, but they will also be prepped and aware of what the event entails which can help them respond to any issues that may come up.

Backup and Emergency Plans

When it comes to event planning, you will always have your primary plans; however, if and when day-of issues present themselves, you need contingency plans for everything. Whether you have an event outdoors and need tents or there is a medical emergency and there needs to be a quick entrance and exit by the emergency medical team, you need to consider every possible outcome and have a plan ready for that.

Timelines and Checklists

For anyone planning events, you know the critical importance that event planning checklists and timelines can play. With an event of this scale, size and scope, there are countless details that you need to keep track of. These useful tools and resources can help you ensure you are progressing positively and in a timely fashion, while also freeing up some of your mental bandwidth.

When it comes to large-scale event planning, this is so much more than just finding the right venue and vendors. You cannot forget these key components if you want everyone to have a tremendous time. If you want your big event to go off without a hitch, you cannot forget these necessary components.