Make Your New Home in Hampton Roads

In southeastern Virginia, where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, lies the stretch of water called Hampton Roads. The name Hampton Roads also refers to the metropolitan area around the cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Visitors to Virginia’s southeast coast come back on a regular basis. For many reasons, they may even choose to move here permanently.

Live As You Like

Beyond its main cities, the Hampton Roads region includes the surrounding collection of cities and counties extending into North Carolina. The diversity of environments throughout this area offers housing options for all lifestyles. Virginia Beach and Norfolk are known for waterfront condos, while colonial towns such as Yorktown and Williamsburg feature homes with historic character. More recently, a post-World War II population boom prompted the building of diverse housing developments across the region. Buyers in search of extra space should investigate Smithfield VA real estate and similar peripheral properties.

Workers Are Welcome

Physically, Hampton Roads is one of the world’s great natural harbors. A central position along the East Coast and year-round ice-free conditions makes it the perfect spot for America’s third-largest seaport. At the same time, southeast Virginia is an ideal distance from Washington, DC — readily accessible but safely away in an emergency. Given this geography, various federal agencies and all five military branches, particularly the Navy, have set up a strong local presence.

With military and government jobs on one hand and the port on the other, the result is a robust economy in both the public and private sectors. The nature of this employment attracts a cosmopolitan workforce from across the country, with a second army of civilian workers needed to support them. Additional industries include tourism, education, retail and medical services.

A Plethora of Pleasures

All work and no play make for a dull life. Besides a healthy job market, the Hampton Roads region is rich in recreational diversions. Norfolk is Hampton Roads’ cultural center, boasting the best shopping, dining, theaters and museums. Virginia Beach, the region’s largest city, is a major resort with numerous hotels, restaurants and nightclubs, many of them located on the city’s famous Oceanfront, whose centerpiece is a 3-mile boardwalk along the Atlantic.

Farther west, the “Historic Triangle” of Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown are full of sites connected with early American history, most notably Colonial Williamsburg. Williamsburg is also home to Busch Gardens amusement park. For a more natural experience, the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge covers a sweeping expanse of protected wetlands.

Enjoying a solid economy, mild winter weather and a mix of urban amenities with beachfront charm, the Hampton Roads region is a prime destination for relocation.