How You Can Keep Yourself Safe as a Woman

As a woman, protecting yourself can be overwhelming and intimidating if you aren’t sure where to begin. Check out these suggestions so you can feel fully informed of the different ways you can prevent an incident from occurring when you are in a dangerous situation and on your own. 

Learn How To Stay Alert

Although you might not be used to it, it is crucial to learn how you can stay alert to your surroundings. This can give you clues if you suspect someone might be following you, or there is some other type of suspicious activity going on. Being aware of your surroundings is especially crucial if you are out alone at nighttime, in a big city, or an area you are not familiar with, but it can be helpful in almost any type of situation where you might need to defend yourself.  

Practice Carrying a Weapon

Check the laws that apply to your state first, and find out what you can legally carry. It might be good to find out how to protect yourself with the right type of weapon. You can start out small by carrying pepper spray, and then find out what it takes to get a conceal carry license where you live. Some conceal carry licenses work for other items besides guns, such as knives or other forms of self-defense. There are many concealed carry options for women when it comes to finding clothing or other ways you can conceal your firearm. 

Learn a Form of Martial Arts 

Martial arts come in many different forms, from karate to Krav Maga. Research the different methods out there and find out what sort of training is local to your area. This might be a good time to try a new form of self-defense if you previously learned certain skills but felt it was not for you. Even if you choose to carry a weapon, knowing ways to stun your attacker so you have time to run is important. This can buy you extra time and make it easier for you to run for help if you need it.

Women can be especially vulnerable to attackers and muggers. Make sure you know how to stay alert no matter what type of situation you are in. Practice using a weapon and find out about concealed carry laws for your state. Learning a form of martial arts can help you become more confident.